Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Dining Room - The Furniture Plan

No. 75 has a lounge-dining room running from the beautiful bay window at the front to the french doors opening onto the balcony at the back. The floor will be solid oak. It is light, it is airy, it is a blank canvas. Having chosen the lounge furniture, dark grey sofa and love seat, we needed something which would tone in while still being a "separate" area. I took inspiration from my beloved John Bates painting: I think we have decided on this table:

Ikea Norden (220/266 x 100) in Birch
These chairs:

Ikea Henriksdal in Gobo White
and this cabinet:

Ikea Hemnes in Yellow

I know, it is a bit "Ikea Heavy" but trust me, we looked at the more expensive options and this is ultimately what works best for us.

To try and alleviate the Ikea-ness of the room and also because with O and The Cat around white is a completely impractical colour. We will be ordering covers for the chairs from Bemz. I have ordered all the grey fabric samples they have so hopefully one of them will work.

I plan on adding a purple table runner and maybe putting a couple of the chairs in purple (we will have 8 chairs in total), to pick up on the colours in the picture


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  2. Thank you Susan. That's a great site but unfortunately we are in the Netherlands so it is too far to ship. I have bookmarked it for inspiration though.

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