Friday, 27 March 2009

This or That? The Desk

We will be fortunate to have a designated study/home office in No. 75. As the main user I get to decide on much of the furniture. The room is also sufficiently spacious to house our quite extensive library (future posts debating custom built in shelving versus the obiquitous Ikea Billy are to be expected).

As with every other room in No.75 we have a completely blank canvas to play with. White walls, square room, wood floor. One wall is formed by original 1930's stained glass sliding doors. One wall has two enormous windows on it. Another wall is completely bare (currently designated for bookshelves) and the final wall has a door to the hallway in it.

Right now functional and cost efficient takes precedence over "OMG! Ah-mayyyyyy-zing" when it comes to desks. So we will be revisiting ye olde favourite Ikea for the desk. I am trying to keep the colour in the accessories in this room so that it is a calm space to work in.

The desk legs will probably be:

But I can't choose between a solid beech desk top (lovely, solid, butcher block wood) or a glossy white desk top (clean lines, glossy surface, won't clash with the wooden floor).

So this:

Or that?

Images from Ikea

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