Friday, 13 March 2009

This or That? The Kitchen Table

I am trying to decide between two Ikea kitchen tables.

In the red corner we have:

The Docksta.

Weighing in at 139 Euros and 105cm diameter I particularly like the compact shape and slimline design. The downside being that it is in every magazine, design blog I read.

In the blue corner:

The Liatorp
Weighing in at 199 Euros and 110cm diameter. The Liatorp also extends to seat more people. I like the pedestal design. It feels classic but in an up to date way and will be a nice contrast to our streamlined cabinets. I don't need it to extend - although it might be handy for sewing, there really won't be room and if I need to use it as extra kitchen work space will the "split" annoy me?

I am planning to pair it with these chairs from Trendhopper:

a bargain at 39.95 Euros each. I just need to decide what colour to go for...

Table images from Ikea. Chair image from Trendhopper.


  1. I like those chairs! Very cute.

  2. I know! Aren't they great? My only dilemma now is choosing the colour, they come in all colours of the rainbow.