Friday, 17 April 2009

This or That? Bedding

Today it is more of a this, this, this or that.

I confess, I am painfully in love with Zara Home's current range of bedding. I can't seem to pick a favourite, or even two favourites (one on the bed, one in the wash). I can't even decide on a colour scheme, which should be the easiest part. The bed we are ordering is a classic upholstered boxspring in a grey panama cotton. It's the kind of bed you want to lounge in, propped against the headboard with a good book, while you lazily dab buttery crumbs from your breakfast toast plate with your finger.

So, do I choose:

Classic grey on grey and add pops of turquoise with lamps and rugs?

Gorgeous white, with a subtle bluey green trim to remind me of the sea?

Punchy purple against calm white?

All images from Zara Home

Full on turquoise and stripes?

Currently everything in the bedroom is white (walls, floor, cupboards) and I intend to keep it that way. The windows are low level as the bedroom is in the eaves. I will need to add bedside units, reading lights and rugs.

Choices, choices.


  1. Hmmm... what a difficult choice! I understand your dilemma :-) The grey option would suit my house best, but I considering Amsterdam's sunny blue skies and your fresh white walls, I think I would choose the white with aqua trim!

  2. I am definitely leaning that way too. It just looks so fresh. Time to stock up on the pet hair rollers...