Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Yummy Chocolatey Goodness

I was looking for something to bake this weekend and having had previous success with Dan Lepard's recipes, I had a quick trawl through the archives of his series How to Bake on the Guardian website.

Among many good looking recipes the one for Chocolate Custard Muffins caught my eye. Ok, I'll admit it, they caught my eye because they flashed up a mental image of soft, warm choclate cake filled with chocolate custard. As it turns out the "custard" in the title refers to the base element of the muffin mix which is a chocolate custard to which flour and baking powder are added to give the necessary cakey texture.

What emerged from my oven were the most deliciously, moist, fragrant chocolate muffins I have ever eaten and I must confess to not really being a chocolate muffin fan. They were a delight and incredibly easy to make. Definitely one for the recipe file.

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