Friday, 15 May 2009


Do you remember my frustration at having a design idea in the early hours of the morning but not having time to bring it into reality? Well, I managed to carve out enough time to make up these before I left on holiday. Even if it meant not packing until a couple of hours before we left.What? Packing was less important...

If the scheduled posting is working properly then hopefully by now I will have delivered one of these to the birthday girl (as I write I am leaning towards giving her the blue one), and I will be making good use of the other one.

These are the prototypes of one design line for my shop, so shhhhh! They are constructed from sturdy white linen and individually embellished by me and my trusty little sewing machine. The interiors are 100% cotton with an elastic closure over a vintage button. The buttons are selected from a supplier in the Noordermarkt in Amsterdam.

I am besotted with them. They are absolutely my favourite way to dress up an outfit for the weekend. Spacious enough for the essentials (24cm across the bottom) and lovely to hold due to the compressed fleece between the exterior and interior fabrics.

Let me know what you think.

P.S. Apologies for the lighting in the photos. It was late and I have no time to edit before we leave.


  1. Gorgeous! And you're right- much more important than packing :-)

  2. Oh wow, I love these! I would love to learn to make them!

  3. Sandra - Thank you! Being hopeless at packing just meant I got to buy more stuff when we got there.

    Angela - Again, thank you. I really love them too. The basic model is fairly easy to pull together but the embellishing takes a while. Do you have a sewing machine?