Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Giveaway Reminder

Just a little reminder that as a winner of Sandra's giveaway I need to "pay it forward". It seems that I do have more than a couple of visitors (thank you Google Analytics!) and some of them even come back more than once. However, not many people comment and that is my favourite part of the blogosphere, reading comments and responding to other people's posts on their blogs.

So, if you are lurking out there, please take the time to say hello and if you have a blog I will return the favour by hopping on over to visit you.

If you would like to help me pay it forward you can leave a comment on this post. Winners (if there are any) will be notified in mid-May, otherwise pictures of the clothing going to the Salvation Army will be posted instead. If you want to join in but don't want to pay it forward yourself, that's fine, I promise I won't tell. You will still be helping me out by forcing me to produce gifts for others.

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