Saturday, 23 May 2009

We're Back!

Back from what may have been my best ever holiday (and the honeymoon would take some beating, let me tell you...).

I have so much to report back on and so many photos to process. We ate, we drank, we saw just about everything.

Which is to say that I am more than a little tired and my body is in need of some clean living for a while. I am craving simple tasty food after two weeks of excess. Today's lunch was just right, Molly of Orangette's recipe for Chickpea Salad served with a grind of fresh black pepper over a pile of springy, green lettuce.

Now, back to the clothes washing, errand running and food buying.


  1. Hey Emmy thanks for the comment! A girl who loves chickpeas, crafty things (etsy), and travel????
    will you accept this rose? you have survived the elimination round!
    in all seriousness tho i had already bookmarked your blog, so you're already on my radar! in fact i'm going to go follow you on twitter now! how's that for stalker-ish? muahaha

  2. Welcome back, Emmy! Lovely to have you return to blogland :-) Looking forward to the photos and updates!!

  3. Welcome back! Look forward to hearing all about your adventures.