Friday, 12 June 2009

ATTENTION: Delivery Companies in Amsterdam

Yes, I am talking to you. You, delivery companies in Amsterdam. You, who take my money, whisper promises of delivery and, well, quite frankly... fail to deliver in all senses.

We've already discussed one of you here, and now I have another one to add to the list. Oh, yes, you better believe there's a list, and chair delivery company, you are going right on it.

You see, I am a trusting type. So when you take my money and tell me you have two chairs in stock and will deliver one of them to me on Friday I believe you.

When you don't deliver on Friday (after I have spent the whole day waiting at home), you can understand why I might be a little miffed at having to chase you down through multiple phone calls.

I appreciate your view that the store shouldn't have promised delivery without checking with the delivery company but really, shouldn't someone have let me, the customer, know? Luckily for you I am a generous, patient, and I believe I already mentioned, trusting, soul so when you tell me you will call me on Monday to arrange delivery for Wednesday, I believe you.

When Monday comes and goes I start to lose faith a little, but joy of joys, you call me on Tuesday to arrange delivery between 10am and 12pm on Friday.

Ok, its not what we agreed the previous week, or indeed when I handed over my hard earned money to you, but the end is nigh. I can forgive you.

Right up until yesterday when you call me again to apologise, somewhat profusely, that you cannot deliver my chair as it is on a container ship about 3 weeks away from the Netherlands - probably. You can deliver me a spare chair in the meantime and swap it when mine gets here but... you can't quite guarantee when that will be. About 3 weeks... probably.

By this point I am losing the will to live. No really, how hard can it be? You had two in stock when I paid you in full for the chair. You promised to deliver in a week. Two weeks down the line I have no chair, no idea what happened to the ones you had in stock and my future potential chair is currently bobbing towards the Netherlands on a container ship.

You are on my list.

Warning: Coffee table company - I am planning to order from you in the next 48 hours. Your delivery service better be flawless. There's this list, you see, and believe me, you do not want to go on it...


  1. Yeah I got stuck with a 63 euro customs charge one time, after the package was about 4 weeks late. At my front door. I had to run to the bank machine and pay the guy. WTF.

    I know the postal service is different than your delivery company here, but we'll group them together just now so that we can better give them THE FINGER.

  2. Oh, Emmy. If you weren't so funny I would've cried for you reading this. I 100% think you should post the company name with a link to their website so other people know that they provided dodgy service.