Friday, 6 March 2009

Coffee, My Love.

I was a late comer to the wonders of coffee. I didn't partake until I was nineteen, and only then because I knew I was moving to Italy for a year and thought it best to get a little practice in.

I like to think I have made up for it since then.

I love coffee, loooooove it. I fear anything that might mean I have to give up my daily cup(s).

Every day starts with a white coffee and most evenings end with a single espresso and one sugar. And no, it does not mean I am awake all night. I am one of the fortunate ones.

A year or so ago after many (ok, five) years of coveting one we finally acquired a Nespresso.


On a bad day, this would be the third item I would save from a burning building after my Husband and the Cat.

We have this model:

Nespresso Essenza by Krups (image from Nespresso)

It has been life changing. O knows this, and today he sent me this article. To which I responded...

"See. I think where this article (possibly deliberately) fails is not speaking to George (or one of his reps). Mr. Clooney is famously outspoken on human rights and environmental issues and doesn't need the money the adverts afford him so he wouldn't do them if he had a problem with the ethics.

Tick one.

All coffee, from all producers was rated on a scale up to AA until 2003 when Nespresso added a triple A (AAA) category exceeding world standards and requirements and brought 35% their coffee's up to that standard, as the article says 50% by next year. The extra A rating refers to sustainability, whereas previously coffee had only been rated for quality. Nespresson is, and I quote: "produced to the highest standards of quality balancing the creation of social and economic value for farmers and their communities, as well as contributing to the preservation of the environment."

Tick two.

Heston Blumenthal is a food science genius and he uses them in his restaurant. Enough said.

Tick three."

I would love to see recycling for the capsules here in Amsterdam but it doesn't mean I am giving up my Nespresso in the interim.

What can I say, it had me at hello....

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