Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A little blog love.

I'm really enjoying the Bright Side Project. Aside from the fact that you can win very cool stuff, I think the concept is quite simply brilliant. I love indie artists, and the BSP showcases them beautifully. In addition the questions for each item are incredibly thought provoking and force me to really think before answering.

After years of being told to "be nice" by my Mother and years of being laughed at for being nice (kids are mean), I really like the idea that someone is promoting nice-ness. Melissa started Operation Nice to promote and recognise nice behaviour. Who can argue with spreading a little nice? Its free and it makes everyone's day better.


  1. Thanks for the great links! I've come across Operation Nice before but BSP is a gorgeous find! :-)

  2. Isn't it though? I think it is such a great concept.