Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Dreams of Summer

Its not that the weather is bad (quite the opposite, it remains unseasonably warm and sunny) but I seem to be carrying a small black cloud above my head at the moment. I flew into London Gatwick this morning (I was meant to be flying to London City, but that's another story) and landed just behind a plane coming in from Cancun.

Just shy of two years ago, gosh, nearly two whole years ago the Husband and I were those bleary eyed early morning passengers. We had flown from London to Cancun the week before we were due to move to the Netherlands to see one of my very best girls marry the love of her life.

Note: Do not, ever, EVER try to move countries when you are jetlagged. Just don't do it.

I digress, it was beautiful in Cancun, I had scoured the internet to find something other than the concrete monoliths you usually have to stay in on the Hotel Strip and we wound up in a teeny $60 a night hotel where we were treated like royalty. We had a fabulous room, with a double jacuzzi on one balcony and an unrestricted view of the sea from the other.

Yes, that would be two balconies, two, for $60 a night. Hurrah.

On the first morning I awoke to this:

I spent most of my days, perched here:

The colours were like nothing I had ever seen before.

I am on countdown to our big holiday this year, two weeks in the US celebrating the 40th birthday of another favourite girl, exploring the Southern States and swinging back for a few days via my beloved Manhattan. A city I lost my heart to in 2004 on my first and thus far only visit.

I can feel the little black cloud lifting already...

Images by me

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  1. Ohhhh! They are gorgeous shots! The black cloud will definitely lift when you go adventuring :-) There's nothing better! The US is my favourite country in the world, and the Southern region is my favourite part... although Manhattan is my dream home. I even named my puppy after that stunning city :-)