Thursday, 2 April 2009

A New Purse Style

I had been looking for the right bag project for this fat quarter of poppy fabric for a few weeks. I got my hands on some Loop Frame Purse Handles in the UK a week ago and thought it would be a great way to try out the U-Handblog tutorial.

It worked out so well. There was definitely some modifications and cursing to get it right. I have some ideas on how to tweak it next time.

Huh, the left photo makes it look a little uneven. That is definitely the camera skills rather than the bag.

I am so pleased with it and I finished minutes before we headed out to a neighbourhood party where it swung happily from my wrist as we drank wine in the garden. Hurray for spring.


  1. Oh I am molto impressed! It's a thing of beauty for sure! Where did you find the handles? I would love to attempt such a thing,have so many bits of fabric around the place. I love how the catch is on an angle, did you position it like that?
    The fabric is gorgeous, may it swing from your wrist with many glasses of wine!

  2. The handles were from the haberdashery section in John Lewis on Oxford Street, London but you can also buy them online from 3D Patterns on Etsy or directly from Lisa at U-Handbag. The side catch design is not mine unfortunately, that's how they come but it is a great way to use up lovely fabrics.

    I have a few larger frames (23cm) on order for making everyday handbags.

    Let me know how you get on. I love seeing how other people's bags turn out.

  3. Great thanks for the tip, my friend's sis is the buyer for JL's habby dept- dream job,eh?!

    I spent ages looking at the u-handbag site, it's great. I need to get a sewing machine first and then I will start stitching..

  4. Ablsolute dream job, how fabulous. I highly recommend getting a good sewing machine (by which I mean an entry level of a well respected brand if you are buying new or a refurbished second hand) I have an Elna 1000 and I love it to bits. You need something with the heft to stitch through several layers for seams and handles. Try to stay away from computerised as they cost a fortune to fix if something goes wrong. I can't wait to see your first project.