Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Wait a Minute Mr. Postman

I received lovely things in the post yesterday.

First up a beautiful print from Olivia Jefferies of Restless Things. Olivia specialises in work she produces on found paper. This particular piece reminds me of coral and was originally printed on a page of Howards Way, complete with pencil annotations from a reader who was struggling to understand the meaning of the text. It is utterly charming and I cannot wait to get it framed in chunky white wood and a brilliant white mat. At the moment it is destined for the wall in the study of Number 75 where it's literary undertones will be at home with all our books.

Olivia also has a lovely blog which can be found here.

My second parcel came all the way from Hong Kong to the Netherlands in just 5 days. Excellent service. It was so elegantly packaged it felt like unwrapping a gift rather than bag making supplies.

Gorgeous. I will definitely be re-visiting Meowcraft for more supplies in the future. I am such a sucker for beautifully wrapped parcels.

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