Monday, 27 April 2009

Today is a very good day.

The weather may have reverted to type in Amsterdam after all those weeks of gorgeous sunshine but I have a huge bunch of sunny yellow tulips on my desk, I am about to leave and go and see No. 75 for the first time since we signed the paperwork (eep!) and I won my first blog prize.

The lovely Sandra from Pepperberry & Co picked my name for a Pay it Forward giveaway. I would love to play along but I don't actually know if I have three readers of this little blog of mine to send gifts to. So, if there are three readers out there who would like a little handmade something so I can fulfil my part of paying it forward then please leave me a comment.

I am going to be time crunched with our holiday in the US coming up so I am going to leave this open until I return in the middle of May and send out gifts in early June. I would hate to rush handmade gifts out that weren't up to my usually high standards. If I don't have enough readers to pay it forward then I will commit to completeing by mid June, the great wardrobe clear out I have been putting off for months and donate clothing to the Salvation Army here in Amsterdam.


  1. Great idea, Emmy! hopefully three people will visit your blog so you can make them little gifts :-) Obviously, I don't count!!!

  2. This is such a lovely idea!

    Emmy, thank you for your incredibly sweet comment on my blog!