Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Wall Art

With only 45 days until we get the keys I am stepping up the decoration plans for Number Seventy Five.

Today closed out the search on two items I have been hunting for:

1) I really wanted vintage botanical prints in postcard or A4 size to hang in a group above the bedroom. The kind of prints you see absolutely everywhere along the banks of the Seine at 10 Euros a pop. This presented two problems, firstly, no trips to Paris planned (sob). Secondly, I am way to cheap to spend 10 Euros + frame costs each for a group of 8-12 prints. Then today, via isuwanee, I discover Vintage Printable. Vintage Printable provides public domain antique scientific, naturalist, and other images for you to print or download. All.For.Free. Success.

2) Having lived in rentals since I left home at 18 I have never been able to hang pictures without fear of losing my rental deposit. One of the most exciting things about Number 75 is I get to hang what I damn well please on the walls (mwahahaha!). And what I really want is a map wall. Specifically, this map wall, which I found via Centsational Girl. Do you think the fact that it is currently 20% off will help me swallow the $50 shipping charge. $50... $50... Dammit.

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